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About Elite Inc

It is a well proven fact that the most successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: they invest time and money in their own education. By enrolling in this life-changing program you have clearly differentiated yourself from average entrepreneurs and have proven that you are the type of individual that takes your success seriously.

About Niel Malan

He has worked with and studied some of the top sales and marketing professionals in the world like Jay Abraham (the USA’s highest paid marketing consultant) and Tony Robbins (the well-known personal development guru.) He is also an avid student of the top Internet Marketing gurus in the world including Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walke and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

It has been said that nothing changes until we change. A business can only do as well as what the entrepreneur has the skills and competencies to make it grow. Business is simply too complex and riddled with pitfalls to leave your success to change. The time investment of a day a month will fast become the most profitable activity in your monthly calendar. It will be time well spent.
The two day marketing launch will provide you with 25 actionable marketing and sales strategies to help you immediately improve the profitability in your company. If you cannot see how this program can become self-funding after the first month, you may cancel your participation.
A lot! The Elite Entrepreneur™ program doesn’t offer a magic bullet or a free ride. Success requires hard work, dedication and focus. And nobody can do the work for you but you. But there is a really big difference between “smart” work and “dumb” work. You will learn how to work smart and realize exponential results from your efforts compared to the rewards you realized in the past.
We have an online member’s only section on our website where you can access all the content from the session you missed. Within a week of every monthly session the video recordings, audio recordings, Power Point slides, hand out materials and online resources will be posted in this area, so it will be easy for you to catch up.
Each industry has its own nuances, of that there is no doubt. However you are probably already an expert on your industry, otherwise you wouldn’t be in it. We are experts in business, and for the most part when it comes to building a profitable enterprise, business is business. You will be able to apply the information and ideas irrespective what industry you are in and what size company you run.
We encourage every entrepreneur to bring along up to two additional delegates from the same company. Success is a team effort and it is useful to have other members of your team on the same page as you. We provide preferential pricing for this to make it an attainable goal for you.

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